Soeren Stephan

Soeren Stephan is the Director of Engineering for Novum Structures LLC. He is responsible for managing the in-house global engineering and design teams which are in multiple locations. Soeren is also responsible for the development of Novum’s proprietary systems and components as well as corresponding design software.

Prior to joining Novum, Soeren served as Chief Design Engineer for NOELL GmbH in Wuerzburg, Germany. In 1997, Soeren joined MERO GmbH, Germany, as a technical director in the company’s construction system division. After a brief stint with the Waagner Biro AG steel & glass division in Vienna, Austria, Soeren joined the Novum team in May 2005.

Soeren holds a degree as a graduated engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) and a Master of Science from the Technical University St. Petersburg. Soeren has written extensively about the engineering behind complex steel and glass structures and has been published in a number of technical journals, most notably “Der Stahlbau.”

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