Marriott Marquis: Canopy

This project consisted of cantilevered glass and steel canopies at a prestigious hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. Its location being so close to the nation’s capital provided design challenges, as the owner desired the canopies to be engineered to withstand a potential bomb blast while providing an elegant and inviting entrance to the hotel. Novum’s engineering team used dynamic analyses to ensure that both the steel and glazing could withstand the required loads and Novum’s fabrication team created custom tapered steel beams for the primary structural members. The members spanning between the primary structure were connected using Novum’s hidden bolted BB-System, which allowed Novum to create moment-frames to better resist the loads without having exposed connections or field welding. The clear glass appears to float several inches beneath the structure, attached only by stainless steel point supports.

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Size: 9,885 sq ft / 920 sq m

Systems Used: AES, BB, PSG

Architect: tvdesign