Dhaka Freedom Tower

The Bangladeshi Government authorized a national monument to honor their independence. The selected design features a 50m tall glass pinnacle illuminating the night sky as a beacon of freedom. Novum engineered, supplied and built the steel support frame and the unique glass brick cladding. Each glass brick is comprised of 21 number 1500mm x 50mm x 20mm deep low iron glass fins which are bonded into individual panels 1500 long x 50 deep and 450mm tall. 1200 bricks bolt to the steel structure using stainless steel brackets screwed into aluminum blocks bonded into the glass block. Testing verified the performance of the “bricks”. The tower features a platform at the top to facilitate lighting and external cleaning devices.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Size: 9,690 sq ft / 900 sq m

Systems Used: AES, PSG

Architect: Marina Tabassum