Walkway Surface Glass. Special translucent glass is structurally engineered to support all live and people loads. For safety, slip design is especially important as is structural redundancy which is provided by three layers of glass so that if one layer cracks the application remains safe temporarily. Translucency plays an important factor in the design, primarily for privacy, but also for exciting lighting effects that can be achieved by surface treatments of the panel or in the interlayers.

To resolve wear and slip resistance considerations, the slip surface can be etched, fritted or cast depending on client choice, preference and any local code needs. The triple laminated walkway glass is held by gaskets and/or fittings. Typically, the glass is supported by our AES-System and used indoors. Stair treads are single panels and normally support only at their ends.

Applications for this system include pedestrian walkways, bridges and staircases.

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