Tension Cable. Minimal primary structure can be achieved by cables which require high levels of prestress to resist environmental loads and meet other service needs. Given the inherent lack of structural redundancy of these applications, Novum utilizes only the premiere European cable suppliers to assure the quality of the critical connection of the cable to its end fittings. Cables are preloaded and pre-tensioned prior to shipping to check strength and reduce creep effects.

Architectural cables are usually from stainless steel, although for larger tensions and diameters galvanized strands are necessary. End fittings are of varied designs to meet visual, functional and installation requirements and feature open sockets or threaded ends. Fittings are typically brushed stainless steel.

Applications. Novum uses cables as structure only or integrated with our membrane or steel structure product lines. Our CTF-System and SSM-System for membranes utilize cables to tension and support the membrane respectively. Architectural examples are cable facades, cable nets, tension trusses, stayed arches, tensile membrane structures, stressed skinned membranes and more. Novum is the global market leader in glazed cable facades with over 25 such projects internationally.

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