Edge Clamped Glass. Arguably Novum’s most simple yet easily adjustable structural glazing system can be implemented fully flush glazed or with small economical exposed caps. The glass is mechanically clamped at discreet points along its edges, as required to meet strength and deflection needs, and typically requires no notching or drilling. Panels can be oriented vertically, sloped or overhead and can be of almost any shape. The clamp readily accommodates any changes in surface angle of the two adjoining pieces of glass it is supporting and has the capability to accommodate transverse dead loads.

The clamp material is comprised of high grade aluminum and stainless steel components with silicone bearing pads. It is versatile to either laminated or insulating glass and has even been adapted for use in hurricane zones. The system can also be realized with continuous caps which still allow free flow of air on the interior surface of the glass, reducing maintenance difficulties and potential condensation.

Weatherproof glass joints are comprised of extruded silicone gaskets and wet silicone and have been used extensively and successfully for decades.

Applications include facades, canopies, domes, vaults, freeform surfaces and more.

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