Cable Tensioned Fabric. Our CTF-System uses membranes in the more classical “tent” architecture and rely on surface shape for biaxial tensioning of woven materials, typically PVC and PTFE. The form of the membrane is double curved and the surface tension is normally applied via catenary cables in perimeter pockets, although straight edges can be achieved with steelwork and heavy clamping fixings. A mix of cable stays and masts support the roof and are provided single source by Novum using our AES-System + TR-System. In high wind areas, cables may be used over the surface to control uplifts. Perimeter cables are usually galvanized for economy as they are pocketed.

As regards material choice, PTFE has a superior lifespan than the more affordable PVC, and architecturally, PVC is available in varied opacities and multiple colors.

Applications include pavilions, shade structures, sports and recreational facilities, canopies, awnings, temporary and emergency covers. Designs tend to be open-sided partly due to the complexity and associated cost of closure detailing due to the relatively large lateral movements of the system under load.

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