Aluminum Supported Glass. While Novum is better known for its extensive use of structural glazing, applications do occur where the more conventional glass as a cladding with aluminum profile support is technically suited or architecturally desirable.

Aluminum profiles are extruded hollow sections and sized to meet load criteria with spans typically under 5m (16’). These profiles are typically anodized, but for higher surface protection they can be powder coated.

The system can be provided with or without external caps and can be used vertically or inclined. Four-sided support glass is normal, but two-sided is possible with typical panels being trapezoidal or rectangular. Many entrances and vestibules are well suited to the system as a large range of door products are available which provide full seal enclosure. By comparison, frameless glass entries are not fully sealed by nature or rely on portals to enable conventional doors.

Applications include entryways, storefront, pitched skylights, larger grid spacetrusses and rectilinear planar applications.

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