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    Novum Membranes location

    Novum Membranes, Edersleben

    Novum Membranes GmbH

    Im Voigtstedter Feld 6

    06528 Edersleben, Germany

    T: +49 3464 589880

    F: +49 3464 5898822


    Client Services

    Sales, Membrane Fabrication, Engineering, Maintenance, Supply and Quality Management

    Mathias Noatzsch

    General Manager – Technical

    Thomas Pohl

    General Manager - Commercial – Novum Membranes GmbH

    Mathias Noatzsch

    General Manager – Technical

    Mathias Noatzsch is General Manager - Technical of Novum Membranes GmbH. His role is multifaceted encompassing Engineering, Research & Development, Sales Support and the improvement of equipment, processes and plant efficiency at our advanced membrane production facility.

    Mathias is a leading figure in the industry for the design of architectural ETFE. He developed proprietary form-finding patterning which analytically predicts wrinkle potential in ETFE membranes and adjusts the patterning to compensate. Mathias is currently working in the development of integrated PV cells, energy efficient systems and enhanced perimeter design.

    Mathias earned a degree as a German Diplom-Ingenieur from the Technical University of Dresden and has spent his entire career in the technical aspects of the design, production and construction of architectural membranes of the highest quality.

    Thomas Pohl

    General Manager - Commercial – Novum Membranes GmbH

    Thomas Pohl is General Manager – Commercial for Novum Membranes GmbH and responsible for all finance and sales activities. His sales responsibilities include the development of customer relations, prospecting new market segments and providing support to other Novum entities as it relates to sales of membrane products. Thomas is also responsible for regulatory accounting, bank and procurement to ensure cash flow and commercial security.

    Thomas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a degree in Controlling from the Hochschule Nordhausen – University of Applied Sciences in Thuringia, Germany.


    NOVUM Membranes GmbH

    Im Voigtstedter Feld 6

    D-06528 Edersleben


    T: +49 3464 58988 0

    F: +49 3464 58988 22


    Director: Sören Stephan

    Company Domiciled: 06528 Edersleben

    Handelsregister: Stendal HR B 213128

    VAT Registration Number: DE 210241887

    Tax Number: 118/110/00037

    Edersleben, 08.05.2019


    NOVUM Membranes is sponsored by the European Fonds for Regional Development.

    NOVUM Membranes is improving its engergy efficiency under the application “Erneuerung Maschinentechnik” with the assistance of Sachsen-Anhalt Energie.